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AC Pro-Tech is a single step 3 in one coating created to protect your entire HVAC system, allowing you to protect the PCB, cabinet and coils with a single product, AC Pro-Tech is the HVAC Industry specific registered brand names for our anti-corrosion coatings, if you live near the ocean, have high humidity, have insects damaging electronics or even have a pooch that likes to pee on the AC unit, this product is what you have been looking for.

Under the “AC Pro-” brand we manufacture and supply HVAC coatings and other quality products, accessories, consumables and components for the HVAC industry and the installation professional, you can find the whole line at our store

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What is AC Pro-Tech?

AC Pro-Tech is a “Modified Acrylic Polymer Base” Clear coating, designed to protect HVAC-Systems, metals and PCB components. It provides hard clear coating; allows heat transfer; does not conduct electricity; inhibits corrosion by creating an oxygen barrier that remains flexible and is UV stable. It can be used on new or existing equipment to provide extended functional life.

AC Pro-Tech was developed to be superior to other clear coatings, incorporating UV absorbers resulting in a smoother finish over time; retaining the heat transfer and conductivity properties that other paints do not have; helping prevent galvanic corrosion and fighting formicary corrosion, if you are anywhere near the coast AC Pro-Tech is a must to extend equipment life. 

Tested & Trusted

The Dry film thickness of the test pieces in the ASTM salt spray chamber were 45-50 microns. To date we have completed 764 hours of accelerated salt chamber testing and the testing remains in progress.

Our most popular product is Aerosol given its convenience, but it is also available in 1 liter and 25 liters for larger commercial applications. When spraying with a conventional air assisted spray-gun the product will require thinning.

The viscosity of the base liquid is 75 sec B4 flow cup and the products are UN1263 for liquids and UN1250 for aerosols.

Why Choose AC Pro-Tech

Durable & Long Lasting Protection​

Smooth Clear Finish​

Perfect to use for wide range of products​


The coverage area per quart or liter is (approx.) 215 sq ft per coat with variations due to spray thickness and technique used by the applicator, The aerosol product has been packaged into a 400ml standard size can and this can will cover a 9k to 12k standard efficiency Mini split system, larger units will require an additional can per ton.

AC Pro-Clear

What is Pro-Clear?

AC Pro-Clear is a Polymer based clear protective coating with a gloss finish, designed to inhibit rust and protect all metals and hard plastics from corrosion, salt and UV damage, this product is not considered an undercoating as it does not have any insulating properties, however it was designed to enhance the look of metals and provide corrosion protection.

Utilized as Chassis protection AC Pro-Clear provides an attractive finish to a chassis while adding corrosion and UV protection to plastics.

AC Pro-Clear can go on as a DIY project in a convenient aerosol or be professionally applied using an air sprayer, both methods have protection in mind.

AC Pro-Clear is not for use on vehicles that are already rusted out and already require heavy rust removal, it will NOT reverse the effects of rust, if you have a compromised Chassis, you must seek proper repair or replacement.

AC Pro-Clear will provide a hard, clear coating designed to protect the chassis and undercarriage of your vehicle for years to come, as all paints, our coating is susceptible to chips and scrapes so from time to time will require touch up which is easily done with the aerosol formulation. Near salt laden areas it is imperative to protect the metal parts of your vehicle or you can count on premature damage to your investment, the product is also non conductive and can help protect any electrical terminal and connections that are in danger of corrosion, like battery terminals, starter connections and all electronic connections, the product can be used in marine application anywhere above the water line to protect stainless steel, copper, brass and once again all electrical connections. The uses for the product are limitless in the transportation, petrochemical and farm implement industries.

Although you may apply AC Pro-Tech to many parts of the engine compartment to protect and enhance, you must take care to not get it on the surfaces that get too hot, such as, Exhaust manifolds, heads and the exhaust system, you may also not apply to ANY moving or friction parts such as brake rotors, pads or any braking surfaces. This is a paint and will interfere with the function of those parts.

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AC Pro-Rust Rust removing Gel

This Phos based Thick gel formulation is designed to adhere to vertical surfaces while doing the work it needs to do, removing rust and preparing a corroded surface for treatment, simply apply AC Pro-Rust, let it do its work and rinse with fresh water. then protect that surface with any of our coatings like AC Pro-Tech or AC Pro-Clear

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